Custom Requests Encouraged – Ideal for Yourself or a Special Gift!

If you have a favorite boat in mind that you don’t see on the model pages, would like to create a custom look, or need a special gift, Ed would welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibilities with you. Riley Marine Models are accurately crafted, with select woods and then finely hand finished. A treasure for you or a special someone to value for many years to come. See at right for the custom possibilities.

Custom Model Information

Please Read

Our custom models fall into two categories.  Vessels for which we have design data(lineplan) and those we do not.   The models shown on the website or those listed as “Models in the Works” are those for which we have the design data.  In some cases, we may be restricted in the use of the design data.  We can customize the models for which  we have the design.  This could involve size, colors, finish, backboard or custom name plate.

Vessels for which we do not have the design,  we need a lineplan.   The typical lineplan is shown below.  It is composed of three drawings.  The Plan View is looking down on the vessel from above.  The Profile View is looking at the vessel from the side.  The Body View shows the vessel from the bow and stern.  All three are important in making an accurate model.  Often the first two are shown in sales literature, but the third very important view is not.

We are often asked if we can build a model from photos or sales literature.  Although this can be done, we will not generally do it.  The model although pleasing to the eye, may not be accurate.

If you have the lineplan or know where to get them things are pretty easy.  If you do not have them, these are a few suggestions.  If it is a relatively recent boat, the builder may furnish them to an owner for the purpose of making a model.  Next is an internet search for them.  This frequently works.  Wooden Boat Magazine has quite a few plans available.  Finally, Mystic Seaport has an extensive collection of plans.

If we are building you a custom model, with the exception of a size change to an existing model,  we will provide you with a computer generated image of the model in the colors you requested.  There is a $50 non refundable charge for this image which is fully deductable from the price of the model, if you order the model.  The exact colors in the image may vary from the actual model due to computer monitor calibration.  If color is critical, please let us know and we will send samples of the paint.  Upon placing the order for the model, a 50% non refundable deposit is required.  The balance is due prior to shipment of the model.  Custom models are not returnable.  If there is a construction defect in the model, we will repair, replace or refund at our choice for a period of 30 days after shipment.

Contact us for details

Your Choice

  • Any boat for which plans are available.
  • Choice of clear or painted finish in any color(s).
  • Custom woods available: Basswood, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Cedar, Rosewood
  • Mahogany or custom back board
  • Size Range: up to 46 inches (back board length)
  • Custom engraved brass nameplate plaque– choice of size, content and fonts.