Custom & Classic Half Hull Models –
by Ed Riley

WELCOME! Please browse our selection of finely built models and learn about Half Hulls if you don’t already know. If you want something different that what you see here, please let us know so we can custom make something special and unique for you. Otherwise, you can choose from our broad selection of popular classic Half Hulls for quick availability.

Ed Riley is a Maine Craftsman. A life-long sailor, Ed lives and works in Boothbay, Maine. In 2009, he founded Riley Marine Models,a company dedicated to creating faithful Half Hull models. If you have a favorite boat, or need a special gift, contact us to discuss the possibilities. Riley Marine Models are accurately crafted, with select woods and then finely hand finished. A treasure for you or a special someone to value for many years to come.

Custom Requests Encouraged for Your Favorite Boat. Contact Ed about a favorite Half Hull boat model for yourself or as a special gift. We understand the unique connection one feels to a boat you own, have sailed, or admired. If you have a favorite boat in mind that you don’t see on the model pages, or would like to create a custom look, please, contact us to discuss the possibilities

A Wide Selection Of Favorite New England Classic Half Hull Boat Models Available for Immediate Delivery. We proudly invite you to browse through our selection on the Model pages and click on the model name for more information on each boat’s history and current status. Perfected by generations of shipwrights, many of these boats have played a significant part in the nautical tradition of New England. These models are ready and waiting to be displayed in the home or office of someone who will appreciate their craftsmanship and fine lines.

Originally, Half Hull models were made by early naval architects and ship builders in order to develop a design before the final plans were drawn.  This process allowed the shipwright to study and perfect the shape and fairness of the vessel. Half Hull models were shaped from a solid block of wood or a block made of laminated woods. After a satisfactory design was achieved, dimensions were taken from the model and used for drawings or construction.  The finished Half Hull models then were displayed on the walls of the boat yard office.

Our Half Hull models offer you a direct, tactile appreciation of the tradition and beauty of these sculptural forms through which talented designers created their functional craft. You can appreciate their fine lines the same way as the original designer, with a Riley Marine Model.