About the Models

Crafted in Maine from selected woods, Riley Marine Models offer the traditional appeal of solid wood construction. Our models should not be confused with the semi hollow plank on frame type. The different colors, of the select woods used in our laminated blocks, lend character and detail by highlighting the waterline sections. A clear finish allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to be revealed and since the models are individually laminated from select woods, there will never be two exactly alike. An engraved brass plaque displays the name of the craft, when it was first launched and when the model was built. Each is assigned a serial number and is mounted on a hardwood backboard, ready to hang proudly on your wall.

The photos of the models show the typical appearance of the woods used in a particular model.  Some variation may be expected due to color variations in the specific pieces of wood.

The models crafted by Riley Marine are believed to be accurate reproductions of the original vessel lines although not guaranteed to be such.

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